Frequently Asked Questions

Our Jewelry Quality

When you buy your jewelry from C&C Pearls, you buy with absolute confidence. Every piece of jewelry we offer is the best possible quality for the price — guaranteed. Every piece of jewelry passes a rigorous inspection process before we offer it to you. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we welcome you to return it to us.


Are the Pearls Real?

Yes, C&C Pearls only sells genuine cultured pearls, we have a mix between classic and designer colors.

What is a Cultured Pearl?

A cultured pearl is created by an oyster farmer. Oyster farms breed oysters and once it has matured to approximately 3 years of age the farmer plants an irritant such as a piece of shell. The oyster spends the next 3-4 years coating the irritant in layer after layer of nacre which produces the pearl.

How Does a Pearl Get Its Color?

PLEASE see our How Pearls Get Their color page.

Where Do the Oysters Come From?

We import our oysters from oyster farms in China.

Is Oyster Farming Safe For the Environment?

Contrary to popular belief, oyster farming is actually very beneficial for our oceans. Oysters act as a natural filter syphoning the water and helping to keep our oceans clean.

Are the Oysters Alive?

No, the oysters are harvested at approximately 6-7 years of age, after they have completed their natural life span.

Are the Oysters Edible?

No, the oysters are soaked in an alcohol solution and are not acceptable for consumption.


Is the Jewelry Sterling Silver?

Most of our jewelry settings is 925 Sterling Silver, our chains and a few other settings is 316 Stainless Steel, please reference the description below each piece for detailed information on the jewelry setting.

Do You Offer a Warranty on the Jewelry?

Yes, C&C Pearls has a 3 month warranty on all of our jewelry settings, please see the Store Policies tab for more information.

I Really Want a Setting That You Do Not Offer Can You Get It For Me?

We are not able to order specific items upon request however, we are always looking for your feedback. Should you have a suggestion for an item that you think would be popular, please do not hesitate to send it to us at support@candcpearls.com

Payment & Shipping

When Do I Pay for My Order?

Payments are processed at the time you place the order, not the time of opening.

How Soon Will I Receive My Order?

Multiple factors go into this, depending on your order, if any jewelry needs to be set, how many settings, and the number of existing orders. To set realistic expectations we advise a 3-4 week turn around, however, it could be much sooner.

Do You Ship International?

We currently ship with in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and the UK. We are looking to expand to more countries as we grow.

Cleaning & Care

How Do I Clean My Jewelry?

For Stainless Steel jewelry, you can soak a cloth in soap and water to clean the jewelry, then take a second wet cloth to wipe it clean be sure not to use soap on your pearls or sterling silver jewelry. ​ With Sterling Silver, we recommend using a pretreated sterling silver polishing cloth. Regular polishing will help reduce and remove any tarnish. ​ To clean pearls, simply wet a paper towel and apply a small amount of table salt, scrub the pearl and wipe it clean.